Rudi van Delden

Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam, -
KNAW Arts/Science: Academy Honours Programme 2019, Amsterdam, 2019
BA GD, Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, 2014-2018

Stimuleringsfonds Architecture Start-up Grant for 'Folly'

12.1 Groundnut, is a one minute video that is part of The One Minutes series 'Snack or Food Pill?' watch the full series here.
12.2 Bin Sings, soundscape for the Sandberg Design Recordings mix tape
12.3 all my pets got stuck in the 90's...
12.4 Blinds Composition 01

all my pets got stuck in the 90's...
Blinds Composition 01
11.1 Dotdotdot, is a webcomic about my experiences while cleaning houses in Den Haag - I mix chats and overheard conversation with fictional writing.
11.2 Artists & Allies,website for artist run space Artists & Allies in Berlin.
Artists & Allies Berlin is an artist run space in collaboration with signs & symbols (NY).
Commissioned by Adam Broomberg.

11.3 Grotto, please visit
11.4 Zefir7 'Cool Coding', in april 2021 together with Daniƫl Siegersma I talked about our virtual grotto generator at Zefir7 during the edition 'Cool Coding'.

10.1 Grotto, read the full article that was published in De Limburger on the 4th of december 2019 online on De Limburger or read a PDF of the article 'Gezocht: de onbekende Lourdesgrot' Work in progress.
In collaboration with Daniël Siegersma.
10.2 Cats Are on Earth to Make Us Cry, best of the best funny cats compilation film  - 2002 Classical Cats sequel (sustainable collective movie productions).
10.3 Eggsistence, Io Sivertsen design for bachelor thesis Eggsistence written by Io Sivertsen for the Photography Department of the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, May 2020.
10.4 Neither a beginnning nor an end, Io Sivertsen, design for the publication Neither a beginnning nor an end by Io Sivertsen for the Photography Department of the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, September 2020.
With one-of-a-kind expoxy egg cover, edition of 12.
10.5 Beyond the Land of Castles, Davide Degano, I re-discovered an unwanted, forgotten yet Promised land.
Beyond the Land of Castles by
Davide Degano, swiss bound edition of 10.
10.6 Type Police/Version, Céline Hurka, collaboration with Céline Hurka for her Version type specimen.
Criminal record of the Type Abuser filed by the Type Police.
DIY Cat Coffin manual • Crazy Times newspaper edition of Monday, June 7th, 2020 • True Crime magazine (Spring Special) • Bomb Shell Evidence film poster
Office Cat Office Supplies receipt • Murder Mondays TV Gids clipping • Missing type posters • Meet the stars of the type abuser scene party posters

Read more about Version here.

Io Sivertsen, Neither a beginning nor an end
Davide Degano, Beyond the Land of Castles
10.6 Type Police/Version, Celiné Hurka
When the Sun goes down We see Lemons zine
Filippo Maria Ciriani, Silent Canary
Cinema Underexposed Film Festival
9.1 When the Sun goes down We see Lemons, Emma Sarpaniemi, self-published zine for Emma Sarpaniemi's graduation project When the Sun goes down We see Lemons for the KABK graduation show in July 2019.
The zine comes with a personal postcard and a plastic dust jacket.
Edition: 65 copies.
9.2 Silent Canary, Filippo Maria Ciriani, ,hardcover for Filippo Maria Ciriani graduation project Silent Canary for the KABK graduation show in July 2019.
Edition: 6 copies.
9.3 Cinema Underexposed, campaign for Cinema Underexposed. Cinema Underexposed is an independent film festival in The Hague.
Initiated by Linus Kropp and Io Sivertsen.
The 24h screening program including screenings, lectures, video installations and performances took place in The Hague on 6 and the 7th of December 2019.
The festival was organised in collaboration with photography platform Baobab.
9.4 Exit Strategies, campaign identity photography year 4 for the KABK graduation show 2020 in collaboration with Jan Egbers.
Forgetful Number presents 'Exit Strategies'.
Poster and ticket design 'Brace for Impact' benefit party.
Poster made in collaboration with Io Sivertsen and Marysia Swietlicka. Exit Strategies airline sick bags, tote bags, postcards, fridge magnets, sticker and poster campaign for the KABK open day 2020.

Forgetful Number presents Exit Strategies
Anorak Theater aan het Spui
8.1 Anorak, Daniël Siegersma, takeaway exhibition of Anorak by Daniël Siegersma commissioned by Theater aan
het Spui in Den Haag.
Publication that can be taken apart, folded out and turned into an copy of the exhibition of Anorak
as seen in Theater aan het Spui during the 'Nee, jij hebt talent festival!' in October 2018, which be taken home and put on
display on your own wall.
This takeaway exhibition includes a series of prints in various formats and an essay.
Edition: 100 copies.
8.2 Dear Dead, reading this I hope you understand why I'm wearing a suit at the party and not a fancy dress.
Your daughter, Emma,
Emma Sarpaniemi
, bachelor photography thesis by Emma Sarpaniemi, April 2019.
Edition: 7 copies.
8.3 When the Sun goes down We see Lemons, Emma Sarpaniemi, artist book for Emma Sarpaniemi's graduation project 'When the Sun goes down We see Lemons' for the KABK graduation show in July 2019, cover design by Man Yau.
The book comes with a custom made scent and a personal postcard.
Edition: 15 copies.
8.4 An owl is an owl and a swan is a swan but a crow is only partially crow and partially the sound a rooster makes, Reinier Vrancken, artist publication.
Reinier Vrancken for P/////AKT.
Edition: 150 copies.
8.5 Soapbox, identity of the photography graduation show 2018 at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague and graduation preview 'Soapboxing at Sexyland'
In collaboration with Jan Egbers and Céline Hurka

Thesis Emma Sarpaniemi
Emma Sarpaniemi, When the Sun goes down We see Lemons, artist book
Reinier Vrancken, An owl is an owl and a swan is a swan but a crow is only partially crow and partially the sound a rooster makes
Windows Without a View
7.1 Windows Without a View, graduation project, Windows Without a View explores the bedroom as the new office cubicle, a place where people inexhaustibly complete HIT's* as digital sweatshop workers or live stream their sleep, altogether restlessly delving into potential new revenues of sleep.
The merciless work ethos of the virtual economy has brought about a 24/7 labour of self-management making the disposition of every hour a matter of choice.
7.2 The True Millennium Bug (A loophole in time), bachelor thesis.
The true millennium bug; the first and last time I experienced collective feat and distrust of technology.
The original Millennium Bug turned out to be a trivial bug causing small scale involuntary time travel, the true Millennium Bug turns out to be the endless pursuit of virtual happiness with efficiency, comfort and control as ruling sovereign goods.
The True Millennium Bug is a research on the exploitation of sleep, looking into current efforts to reclaim the missing third of our lives, and the corporate potential of this loophole in time.

7.3 The True Millennium Bug, silkscreened poster.
Edition: 5 copies. *(Human Intelligence Task, Amazon Mechanical Turk)

The True Millennium Bug
The True Millenium Bug poster
Declaring Reason

6.1 An Overtaken Future, part of the exhibition 'Declaring Reason' at Museum Meermanno in The Hague, Joan Derk van der Capellen tot den
Pol's motivation to write the pamphlet 'Aan het volk van Nederland' is strongly based on a sense of nostalgia, fondly referring to the period of Batavian settlement.
Rudi van Delden and Jan Egbers take this as a starting point to critically address contemporary politicians nostalgia for the industrialized 1960s.
It seems that in todays political landscape, both the left and right look back on a time when the ever-increasing privatization of today was still far away and sovereignty was considered authority rather than responsibility.
The question remains as to what is left out of the picture when longing for the past is being put to use as a political instrument?

6.2 Declaring Reason, exhibition catalogue designed in collaboration with Jungeun Lee for the exhibition 'Declaring Reason' at Museum Meermanno in The Hague.
6.3 Bits N Pieces, weekly digital newsletter for the fine arts department of the Royal Academy of Art, designed in collaboration with Josephine van Schendel.
6.4 TMT (1), VJ show at 'Ultratatane#3' pre-party 'Biennial of Graphic Design Chaumont 2017'
6.5 Nokia's Tag Line, identity designed in collaboration with Jan Egbers for the pre-graduation show 'Nokia's Tag Line' of the fine arts class 2018 of the Royal Academy of Art The Hague.
6.6 Cheeto, publication on the edit wars taking place on Donald Trump's wikipedia page, documentation of all revisions done on the page as of 17:05, 20 January 2017 till 23:02, 31 January 2017.

TMT(1), Chaumont
Nokia's Tag Line
Royal Crack
5.1 Royal Crack, official school paper of the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. Find out where to get the Royal Crack.
on our website and to stay up to date about the latest issues.
5.2 The Animal On and Offline, interactive long read, essay by Ana Teixeira Pinto.
In her essay Teixeira talks about the relationship between human, animal, and machine.
For animals, there is clearly a lot at stake on
whether they can pass the battery of Turing test to which they are continually subjected (The Turing test was a experiment by Alan Turing testing if computers could perform human intelligence).
Animals are constantly excluded under the elusive excuses like, they feel no pain, or, a mode of existence that does not think itself.
Is something only human if it has the power to voice itself in fluent English?
In this long read I experimented with the roleplay of these three modes, the human is now treated as an animal, by the machine.

5.3 The Casts of 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002, the computerhoek aka the computer corner will rapidly go extinct.
Along with it a generation who has lost its innocence in sync with the introduction of the Internet.
A generation who has casts its skins of puberty in the computer corner.
Their casts assembled with dust and dirt between the keys of the keyboard and the mouse scroll.
A precious archive soon to be destroyed. Part of the exhibition 'Sexy Times' at Sexyland on the 14th of January 2017.

The Animal On and Offline
The Casts of 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002

3.1 Laminated Shell, isolated by excessive output, costume made of fabrics and vacuum formed plastics, photography: Kay Pisarowitz
3.2 All the Greatest Men are Maniacs, an ode to all the people who achieved great things in their most manical moments.
The ode consisted of a one day sculpture at Plein in The Hague, and a website with fragments of the lives of a selection of well-known people diagnosed with Bipolar disorder.
3.4 The Complete Works of H.P. Lovecraft, book designs for the complete fiction works of H.P. Lovecraft, custom cover typeface made out of soil, riso print and digital print.
3.5 I Am Surrounded, Therefore I Am, installation made during a five day master-class by Marcel van Eeden and Barbara Seiler.

All the Greatest Men are Maniacs
The Complete Works of H.P. Lovecraft
Masterclass Marcel van Eeden