Windows Without a View

6.1 Windows Without a View, if you could reclaim the missing third of your life, how would you spend it? Catch up on emails and work stuff?
Windows Without a View explores the bedroom as the new office cubicle, a place where people inexhaustibly complete HITs(Human Intelligence Task,
Amazon Mechanical Turk) as digital sweatshop workers or live stream their sleep, altogether restlessly delving into potential new revenues of sleep.
The merciless work ethos of the virtual economy has brought about a 24/7 labour of self-management making the disposition of every hour a matter of choice.
Windows Without a View fosters the commodification of time and obscures the distinctions between the virtual and the dreamed.
Photography installation view: Pietro Bulfoni

- 08:00:00 film
- multiscreen sleep work dashboard
- 365 x life advice tear off calendar
- 2 blankets with custom print

365 x life advice calendars can be purchased for 17 euros by sending an email with your adress to

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