The Animal On and Offline

5.2 The Animal On and Offline, interactive long read, essay by Ana Teixeira Pinto.
In her essay Teixeira talks about the relationship between human, animal, and machine.
For animals, there is clearly a lot at stake on whether they can pass the battery of Turing test to which they are continually subjected (The Turing test was a experiment by Alan Turing testing if computers could perform human intelligence).
Animals are constantly excluded under the elusive excuses like, they feel no pain, or, a mode of existence that does not think itself.
Is something only human if it has the power to voice itself in fluent English?
In this long read I experimented with the roleplay of these three modes, the human is now treated as an animal, by the machine.
The animal performs the human, the machine is made to perform the animal learning to become more lively.
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