Rudi van Delden
graphic design
Royal Academy of Art,
The Hague

education: 1.1 Mediacollege Amsterdam, interaction design
1.2 Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, graphic design
2.1 Ogilvy, Amsterdam 2.2 Shosho, Amsterdam
exhibitions: 3.1 De Fantastische Vijand, 3Sec Gallery, Breda,
De Affiche Gallerij, The Hague
3.2 Marcel van Eden and Barbara Seiler
, Royal gallery, The Hague 3.3 Moving Cities, Moving Type,
Fokker Terminal, The Hague 3.4 Temporary Assembly of Borderless States,
Waag Society, Amsterdam 3.5 Sexy Times at Sexyland, Amsterdam

1.1 Menopause Man, Ariel Pink poster. 1.2 Flags of Failure, poster made of rejected
designs for flags that were made during the KABK project week. I collected the failed
designs and created this poster in order to give the rejected designs of the project group,
a place to exsist and celebrate their failure. The posters were part of the exhibition
The Tribunal for Uncertain Objects.
1.3 Process Land, publication
for a imaginary fun fair called Process Land
1.4 De Nonnen
, fraternal twin, re-design of Jan Bons poster for the play De Nonnen at Studio Brakke
Grond in Amsterdam. Sublimation on fabric.
1.5 Life in LA, promotional poster for a
gathering of the lonely elderly of L.A.
1.6 Fantastic Enemy, student competition, our
poster was selected and at show at the Affiche Gallerij in The Hague and the 3Sec Gallery
in Breda.
1.7 Spoor van notie
, image made of cut out edges of obituaries. Espousing the
theory that in order to show 'sincere' empathy, physical labour should be performed.

What I Believe
French Revolution
Comforting Paleness
The Complete Works of H.P. Lovecraft
Royal Crack

2.1 The Complete Lexicon, analysis of the terminology/jargon used in conspiracy
theory writings. 2.2 Visual Culture , publication about the French Revolution,
in collaboration with Celine Hurka and Elizaveta Glukhova. 2.3 Comforting
Color Publication
, publication about the visual research I did on my
color preferences. I created my own subjective (and useless) systems, in an
attempt to find out, what it is that draws me towards these colors. 2.4 The
Complete Works of H.P.Lovecraft
, book designs for the complete fiction works
of H.P. Lovecraft.
2.5 Royal Crack, official school paper of the Royal Academy
of Art in The Hague. Find out where to get the latest issue < here 2.6 A New Bible
, a bible composed out of imagery and texts from modernist classics, postmodern
internet trash, and imagery from Oahspe, a spiritual-religious book produced by an
American dentist, John Ballou Newbrough. The book is a visual essay on interlinking
modernism and postmodernism. 2.7 I Hate Graphic Design History, research and
essay written in collaboration with Celine Hurka and Asya Sukhorukova.

A New Bible
I Hate Graphic Design History

3.1 Laminated Shell, isolation due to excessive output. Costume made of fabrics and vacuum
formed plastics.
3.2 All the Greatest Men are Maniacs, an ode to all the people who achieved
great things in their most manical moments. One day sculpture at Plein in The Hague.
3.3 ABCD
, Audio Based Contexualizing of Domain, in collaboration with Asya Sukhorukova, installation
during a conference of the Dutch ministry of Culture and Education
3.4 Internet Anger, series
of cyanotypes.
3.5 Wat wit was, is nu donkerbruin, stories about isolation, loneliness and neglect
in the city.
3.6 I Am Surrounded, Therefore I Am, installation made during a five day master-
class by Marcel van Eden and Barbara Seiler.
3.7 Radio Sensor Tuner, a radio that can be tuned
through a photo reflective sensor, making it tunable without touching it.3.8 The Casts of 1999,
2000, 2001 and 2002

All the Greatest Men are Maniacs
Capital Complex
wat wit was, is nu donkerbruin
Masterclass Marcel van Eden
Radio Sensor
The Casts of 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002
Black Mass

4.1 Black Mass , when the self is the center of the universe, consuming everything by what its surrounded.
Publication and website < visit the black mass website
4.3 5283 Figueroa Mountain Rd, is a visualisation of
how people, and especially fans project their dreams and desires upon what looks like ordinary, domestic,
private objects and territories. A re-enactment of the creation of a hologram that shapes the invisible border
between the people that capture the object or place with their phone and of that what is behind of that what
is captured.
great things in their most manical moments 4.3 The Animal On and Offline,interactive long read,
The Animal On and Offline (Preliminary Materials for a Theory of the LOL cat)
an essay by Ana Teixeira Pinto
4.4 Byzantine Perspective , architecture used to be a manifestation of power and wealth, this could manifest itself
in the form of a fort, a wall or a high rise. These types of physical power structures are slowly being demolished
and replaced by a digital realm.

5283 Figueroa Mountain Rd
The Animal On and Offline
Byzantine Perspective

5.1 An Overtaken Future, video made in in collaboration with Jan Egbers, shown at the exhibition Declaring Reason
at Museum Meermanno
5.2 Declaring Reason catalogue for the exhibition Declaring Reason at Museum Meermanno,
The Hague, designed in collaboration with Jungeun Lee
5.3 Bits N Pieces, weekly digital newsletter for the fine arts
department of the Royal Academy of Art designed in collaboration with Josephine van Schendel
5.4 TMT (1), VJ show
at Ultratatane#3 pre-party Biennial of Graphic Design Chaumont 2017
5.5 Nokias Tag Line,visual identity designed in
collaboration with Jan Egbers for the pre-graduation show of the fine arts class 2018 of the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague

6.1 Windows Without a View, graduation project, Windows Without a View explores the bedroom as the new office cubicle, a place where people inexhaustibly complete HITs* as digital
sweatshop workers or live stream their sleep, altogether restlessly delving into potential new revenues of sleep. The merciless work ethos of the virtual economy has brought about a 24/7 labour
of self-management making the disposition of every hour a matter of choice 6.2 The True Millennium Bug bachelor thesis on the obscuring distinctions between the virtual and the dreamed
6.3 Soapbox
, identity of the photography graduation show 2018 at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague and Soapboxing at Societeit Sexyland, in collaboration with Jan Egbers and Celine Hurka